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#4: the roofies of Rassilon
misc: banal is my middle name
alibi_factory wrote in hoctor_do
I want you all to tell your friends about this comic, and if they are unimpressed then just say YOU. WILL. OBEEYYYY in your best Dalek voice. Actually do that anyway because who doesn't love doing Dalek impressions. SCARPER. SCARPER!

Hosted on Flickr

If you are resistant to River/Doctor, don't worry, she could be lying. Also I stole panel five from "Mindwarp", which is okay since the Eleven in my head is half Chase in Space, half Matt Smith's amazing faces, half Six in "Mindwarp" (well, minus the killing his companion part). Fun fact: Time Lords go up to 150%.

Another fun fact: the technical term for what the Doctor is doing in the first panel is 'putting a piece of the TARDIS onto another piece of the TARDIS to make pretty sparks'. The more you know!

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Oh my god, I cannot stop laughing. His EXPRESSIONS. And poor wee Five! I love this sfm.

Oh, this absolutely made my day! XD

*Pets Hoctor_Do*

I'm going to be grinning for a long time.


ALSO, RESISTENCE TO DOCTOR/RIVER IS FUTILE. THEIR LOVE IS THE TRUEST TRUTH THAT EVER TRUTHED ON DOCTOR WHO. (Unless of course she's really the Rani or something. I dunno, I'm not really bovvered either way. River!)

I feel like there must be some people who don't enjoy it, if only because this fandom would find a way to be angry at Santa Claus.

THE RANI WOULD BE TOO BUSY DOING INEXPLICABLE SCIENCE. "I need the tears of newborn babies from Manchester! IN 1987 ONLY."

I hated Doctor/River at first because she just didn't fit in right with Ten, but she's so much better with Eleven. Also my brain has recently started thinking that she could be the Master. I mean, not REALLY, but in my miiiiind, which is good enough for me. :D

(Deleted comment)
As in, "Honey I'm home!" Not meant to imply she's gay, just ~fabulous.

Completely threw me off at first; before reading on I figured we were going to get a confession from Rory. =3

Honey, I'm homo?

Though it could be taken literally. From what we know of 51st Century humans, they're quite omnisexual. . .

: P

Bwahahahahahah, lolling forever at the last panel. I love your range of Eleven faces. Also, poor woobie Five!


RIVER. After this conversation she probably went back again and did all the Companions too. I love her so.

This! I agree.

Except for Jack, because she'd find it a lack of challenge. =O

Aw, those last two frames are precious.

Hoctor Do's Eyes make me think of Salad Fingers!!!! hahaha

This is so precious lol.

I giggled so much at this that my roommate asked what I was howling about from upstairs?
Well done :D

I've only just noticed this, but it's cracking me up that you don't draw eyebrows on Eleven. XD

He occasionally gets eyebrows, for moments of Supreme Emotion (as Five The Other Eyebrowless Doctor has above), but mostly, yeah, he looks wrong with eyebrows.

I frakking love these. Make more. Kthnxbai.

ALL the sex things? o_O

"No please dont"



amazing. Reminds me of Kenneth on 30 Rock "flirting" once by saying he was a real good sex person.

If these comics hadn't already made my life, SCARPER-SCARPER did. You are an excellent sentient being and should feel excellent.

I...stole the 'scarper' bit from a Big Finish audio. :/

Yup! Jubilee is one of my favorites not just for Evelyn "hot lips" Smythe I swear

OH OKAY NM THEN. Lol "Hot Lips". Big Finish, how you so hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time?

Oh, god, this. I relistened recently and that Tower scene just kills. (Not to mention And The Pirates, which is the best example of Hilariously Heartbreaking in existence.) Why you want me to cry, Six? What did I ever do? :c

ok did you watch the new who episode yet? i believe moffat must have seen this comic and written it in. i thought of this immediately!

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