Super-Amazing Time Travel Adventures in Space

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#3: oh you fancy, huh
Who: SUPER!!!!!
alibi_factory wrote in hoctor_do
There are almost 100 people watching this comm after two days of existence, which, as they say in the Prydonian Academy, is ridonkeykong.


Hosted on Flickr

I wish I could tell you why the TARDIS is so painstakingly detailed in the first panel, but I can't. That is an hour of my life I will never get back. Relatedly, one of my favorite parts of the new interior design is how the TARDIS was apparently like I FORGET WHAT THESE CIRCLE THINGS ARE FOR BUT I GUESS YOU STILL WANT THEM? HERE YOU GO. And instead of control panels or whatever, there are just holes in the floor.

Also all future stories will be taking place in the white void from "The Mind Robber" so I never have to do backgrounds again.

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i love it, and the inclusion of the previous doctor's umbrella!

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